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Dear Potential Supporter:

You may be visiting this page because you recently received a fundraising telephone call from a representative calling on behalf of the Florida Highway Patrol Command Officers Association (FHPCOA) or you may have made a pledge and received your pledge kit by mail. A fund drive is currently being conducted to help support our programs and services. You should have received by mail, a donation package similar to the one below.


If you receive a form in the mail that does not appear to look like this one, please contact us at: 1-850-878-8844. If there was a problem with the experience, or you feel some additional action can be taken, please call 1-850-878-8844 for assistance. Please be sure to state your name, address, the telephone number at which you were called, date and approximate time of call.

Again, thank you for your support.

Sincerely yours,

Gary L. Howze II


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